All things colourful – accessories

Following on from last week’s post about colourful wedding dresses, I thought I’d share some of my more colourful headdresses and accessories.

Traditional whites and ivories are totally beautiful and I’ve really enjoyed creating some of my new season designs in shades of white but my love of colour is quite an obsession and I find it so difficult not to add gorgeous colours!

Why not add some of the colours from your flowers in your hair accessories and add in a hint of raspberry pink or go for beautiful pale golds and soft blush.  Silver becomes so much more interesting if you layer it with shades of pewter, platinum, antique silver, soft greys or Blue greys.

Colour doesn’t have to be brash and garish, even the most intense colours can be added in varying tones and gradients to create subtle blends and textures.  I always layer my use of colour and will work with different materials in varying gradients of the same shades to add depth and texture to my designs rather than using blocks of colour.  There are so many options and adding colour is the perfect way to make sure your hair accessories are unique to you.  Here’s a few of my more colourful designs:

Aquamarine Headdress
Blush and Grey silk rose headpiece
Antique silver and almond green headdress
Antique silver and almond green hair pin set
Pomegranate Headdress
Grey and red silk rose headpiece
Midsummer Night’s Dream Headdress
Processed with MOLDIV
Gatsby gold and black headdress
Art Deco black and gold headdress
Black Rose hair pins
Processed with MOLDIV
Ruby and Emerald Rose hair pins
Wisteria Headdress

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